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Mission Three, Assignment Four: It's a Small World

Assignment: Play Avengers word association in your teams. Please read the rules carefully
Deadline: Monday 4th February at 9pm GMT

- The words used should be related to the Avengers film or the prequels (basically, if it's any of the movies that we count for other challenges then you're okay).
- In order to ensure that words are relevant please provide an explanation with your word about how it links to the one before it. So, for example, if the first word was HAMMER then the second word could be THOR and the explanation would be something like 'Thor possesses a hammer'
- You can comment as many times as you like but you cannot respond to a comment of your own. In addition to this you should post each word and explanation as a new comment rather than as a reply. (Please see the example in the comments of this post.)
- Names are valid as words - in which case please provide the full name in one comment ie. MARIA HILL rather than MARIA
Tags: re: 3rd mission, re: group challenge
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February 1 2013, 14:09:11 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 1 2013, 14:10:10 UTC

Stark Industries - Hammer Industries is the largest provider of U.S. weapons after the cancellation of the military section of Stark Industries
Weapons - Stark Industries primarily deals with weapons manufacturing.


February 1 2013, 14:22:44 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 1 2013, 14:27:23 UTC

Dr. Amin Zola - Dr. Amin Zola developed weapons for HYDRA
Johann Schmidt - Dr. Zola partnered with Johann Schmidt while working for HYDRA.


February 1 2013, 14:36:28 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 1 2013, 14:37:24 UTC

HYDRA - Johann Schmidt was leader of HYDRA
Skull - There's a skull in HYDRA's logo.
Red - Red Skull Is red
Tesseract - Red Skull left a path of destruction to obtain the Tesseract.
Loki - Loki stole the tesseract from S.H.I.E.L.D
God - Loki is a God from another realm.
Thunder - Thor is the God of Thunder
Hammer - Thor's hammer controls thunder and lightening
Uru Metal - Thor's hammer is mostly made of Uru.
New Mexico - Thor's hammer fell in New Mexico
Jane Foster - Thor met Jane in New Mexico.


February 1 2013, 18:27:38 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 3 2013, 02:56:11 UTC

Darcy Lewis - Darcy Lewis is Jane Friend
Taser - Darcy believes in tasing first and asking questions later.
Thor - Thor was electrocuted by Darcy's taser
Hair. Thor has pretty hair
Blond - Steve's hair is blond
Pepper Potts - Pepper is a blonde who knows how to run a company.
Happy Hogan - Happy works with Pepper at Stark Industries
Boxing - Happy Hogan used to be a boxer
Natalie Rushman - Natalie Rushman beated Happy Hogan boxing in Stark's ring
Spy - Natalie Rushman was a Russian Spy
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