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Mission Three, Assignment Four: It's a Small World

Assignment: Play Avengers word association in your teams. Please read the rules carefully
Deadline: Monday 4th February at 9pm GMT

- The words used should be related to the Avengers film or the prequels (basically, if it's any of the movies that we count for other challenges then you're okay).
- In order to ensure that words are relevant please provide an explanation with your word about how it links to the one before it. So, for example, if the first word was HAMMER then the second word could be THOR and the explanation would be something like 'Thor possesses a hammer'
- You can comment as many times as you like but you cannot respond to a comment of your own. In addition to this you should post each word and explanation as a new comment rather than as a reply. (Please see the example in the comments of this post.)
- Names are valid as words - in which case please provide the full name in one comment ie. MARIA HILL rather than MARIA
Tags: re: 3rd mission, re: group challenge
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Light - The Arc Reactor in Tony's chest shines with bright light.
Power - Loki describes the power of the arc reactor as " A warm light for all mankind to share,"


February 3 2013, 16:50:44 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 4 2013, 02:15:21 UTC

Casket of ancient winters - Loki used the power of the casket to freeze Heimdall
Asgard - The Casket of Ancient Winters was an Asgardian artifact.


February 3 2013, 20:46:16 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 3 2013, 20:46:46 UTC

Bridge- the rainbow bridge connects Asgard to Midgard.


February 3 2013, 22:05:21 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 4 2013, 01:08:51 UTC

Thor - The rainbow bridge was destroyed by Thor's hammer
Fall - Loki fell off the Rainbow Bridge. Thor almost fell off too.
Helicarrier - The Hulk fell off of the Helicarrier
Cage - Loki was in a cage in the Hellicarrier.
Mjölnir - The cage where Loki was enclosed was broken by the Mjölnir
Lightning - Thor uses Mjolnir to discharge lightning
Chitauri - Thor fought against the chitauri calling with his hammer thunders and lightnings.
New York City - The Chitauri attacked New York City.


February 4 2013, 01:56:51 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 4 2013, 01:57:38 UTC

Mansion - Tony's mansion is in New York City
JARVIS - JARVIS is the A.I. in Tony's mansion.
Armour - JARVIS is also the I.A. in Tony's armour
Red - Tony told Jarvis to "throw some hot rod red" into the paint on the armour.
Natasha Romanoff - Natasha's hair is red
Budapest - Natasha remembers what happened in Budapest.
Hawkeye - Hawkeye also remembers what happened in Budapest... just in a very different way...


February 4 2013, 05:25:33 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  February 4 2013, 05:26:07 UTC

Aim - Hawkeye has perfect aim with a bow and arrow.
Arrows - Hawkeye aims his arrows
Explosives - Hawkeye has arrows that explode on contact.
Missiles - Tony's armour has explosives artifacts like Missiles.
Ice - Captain America buried missiles as well as himself in ice.
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