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avl_heroes's Journal

team heroes at avengersland
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TEAM HEROES (At Avengers-Land)

Welcome to avl_heroes, the HQ of the heroes within the avengers_land community because Avengers-Towers don't exist in real life. If you'd like to join in on the ass-kicking, saving the world and pissing off Fury (because we can), then check out the apply a team link! Also, NO GALAGER IN THE COMM, except during breaks. You got those, cause we're generous like that. We have to be. Heroes, remember.

Your directors (because we have too much paperwork are also friendly, we have more than one) will be canadian_kazz and pastellschwarz. Go ahead and message them, or reply to their comments if you have a problem. They're pretty f*cking awesome like that. No, don't put that, they'll know it's you.

Also, you're welcome to post here, and also at SHIELD-lounge which is the best place to hang out, you know, apart from here. But only once you join the only spies allowed here are former Russian badass ones.

It would be pretty awkward if you tried to post here without joining... Pretty awkward...

Okay, yeah, have fun! Hope to see you soon!


Mission One Statistics:
Second place with 15138 points!
Top scorers:
#1 pastellschwarz (#4 overall) with 1181 points!
#2 cliseth (#5 overall) with 1141 points!
#3 canadian_kazz (#5 overall) with 1131 points!
#4 fulgaraverde (#9 overall) with 1099 points!

Mission Two Statistics:
FIRST PLACE with 6961 points!
Top scorers:
#1 cb_janey (#2 overall) with 864 points!
#2 canadian_kazz (#5 overall) with 802 points!
#3 cliseth (#8 overall) with 771 points!
#4 pastellschwarz (#9 overall) with 757 points!